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Our archivist, Mrs Sylvia White, is always pleased to receive documents and material in other media relating to Shetland Methodist history. On this page weoffer a selection of archive materials relating to Shetland that can be browsed. Any comments can be emailed to the web administrator who will pass them on to Sylvia.

Sylvia has recently scanned two circuit plans - for 1890 and 1907. These are fascinating in that they show preaching places long vanished, as well as lists of ministers, preachers, exhorters and assistants - no shortage of volunteers in those days. The study of circuit plans has a name - "Cirplanology" and there is even a society devoted to the study (click here is you don't believe me!). It is a rewarding study for insights into the evolution of Methodism, how the past has shaped the present and may determine the future.

The Methodist Church has an active Methodist Heritage section which issues a quarterly newsletter with news, information about upcoming events, articles and links.

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Our quarterly magazine, "
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Click here for a brief history of the development of Methodism on the island of Yell

"As we inhabit the Gospel
story for now, we will
always be shaped by the
faithful community who gave
that story to us.

Heritage is part of our
mission because it is in
our roots, that our strength
and nourishment are found
from it, as surely as a tree
stands open to the bright
light of the day only
because of its firm
anchoring in the ground."

Reverend Dr Martyn

General Secretary of the
Methodist Church in Britain
Shetland Methodists