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Messy Church
provides a way for churches to reach out to and engage with those on the fringe of the church family, and has proven to be an effective way of 'being church' in rural, urban and suburban contexts across different denominations and in different countries.

'We want people to be able to say 'This is our church. This is our God. This is our story. This is our family. This is where we feel at home, accepted, known by name and free to take risks because we know that here we are most deeply loved.'

Lucy Moore, Messy Church Team Leader
is a way of being church for families involving fun
is found across the world
values are about being Christ-centred, for all ages, based on creativity, hospitality and celebration
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What is Messy Church?
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Messy Church in Shetland meets (at the moment) in two locations - Scalloway and Lerwick. Both Lerwick and Scalloway meet once a month, Lerwick on the last Saturday and Scalloway on the last Sunday of the month. See "Month At A Glance" for current times.