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Who's Who In The Church?
Worship In Haroldswick  Church
Haroldswick enjoys weekly worship at either 11.30 am or 3 pm (usually alternating) with the minister or local preacher doing the "North Isles Circuit" that day.

Services throughout Shetland are listed on our Preaching Plan (issued quarterly) giving details of dates, times, type of service and who is preaching.

You are assured of a warm welcome with a cup of tea and fellowship after the service.
Haroldswick Methodist Church is the most northerly church in the UK.

The Church Steward is Mrs Joan Ritch.

The original Methodist chapel (1867), half a mile away, was closed and a new chapel, built with the help of volunteer labour opened in 1993, the foundation stone having being laid three years earlier The ruins of the former chapel can still be viewed along the road from the new chapel. The current chapel is a spacious and airy building with a stunning wooden roof interior in glowing pine, designed along the lines of a simplified Norwegian wooden staved church. Perhaps the most striking external feature is the separate bell turret, built as a millennium project in 2001 to house the bell, which dates back to 1867. The Communion table and the lectern that stands nearby, include wood originally used in the pulpit of the earlier church.
Communion Table Haroldswick
the Most Northerly
Stewards and Officers
Church Interior
Enjoying Fellowship After Worship
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