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NEW - a scanned 1907 Preaching Plan for the Walls Circuit - from Sylvia White, our achivist
NEW - a scanned 1890 Preaching Plan for the Lerwick Circuit - from Sylvia White, our archivist
A Link with the past - the Methodist manse in Mid Yell
From the archives - An Anderson Story
A  Blast From the Past - Shetland Times 1943
Archives Lucky Dip 1 - a pot pourri of archive snippets
Archives Lucky Dip 2 - another pot pourri of archive snippets
Archives Lucky Dip 3 - yet another pot pourri of archive snippets
Archives Lucky Dip 4 - you get the picture
John Nicolson Walk - John Nicolson was one the pioneers of Shetland Methodism
Memories of Girlsta Chapel - Girlsta Chapel is now closed and finding new life as a home
Rescued from Girlsta - ephemera rescued before the sale of Girlsta
Midnight on Fair Isle - an old postcard sent at Simmer Dim
Burra Isle Chapel closes after 150 years
From Channerwick to India - The Rev William Goudie
A Question of Pitch - why do the old hymns sound too "high"?
Back Where I Was Born - N Roe reflections
Do You Remember? - a glimpse into the history of Contact magazine
Elephants to the Rescue - A George Medal hero
Lord Rank 1888-1972 - A Methodist philanthropist and founder of the Arthur Rank Centre
Most Courageous Doctor - A life of selfless service and devotion
"Who Is God?" - an 8 year old's perspective

Contact magazine has been published by the Shetland Methodist District since October 1970 and distributed throughout Shetland as well as to folk in all four corners of the kingdom who receive their copies by post. It is our equivalent of a "parish magazine". The current issue is now available on this website to browse or download.

We rely on contributions from our readers and Contact aims to cover news of District and local events, who is preaching where and when, what is happening throughout the Christian family in Shetland, as well as publishing poems, stories, reflections, with a leavening of humour and a seasoning of common sense.

If you have something you would like to share with readers of Contact, or you feel you have an article in you or a story to tell please contact this website at:

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